Car Loans For Ex Bankrupt

If you are an ex bankrupt, meaning you were bankrupt at some stage and are now not bankrupt, then it is possible to get an ex bankrupt car loan

If you are a discharged bankrupt, you can still get a car loan. 

You need to be discharged for a minimum of just one day, and you can not have incurred a credit default since your bankruptcy, or after your bankruptcy, or you will not be approved in most cases.

Bad credit car loan lenders understand you may have had a one off event in your life, or a bad period, when you had to unfortunately go bankrupt.

All is not lost, you still have the opportunity to get car loan, however you need to make sure that you can present your car loan application in the best light.

We need to see that you have been a good borrower since the bankruptcy, or at very least can show that you have stable employment (income) and you have a stable living situation.

It is great if you can pay a deposit, however this is not always a necessity. 

A lot of our car loan approvals are for people who have been bankrupt previously, so feel free to apply with us for a bad credit car loan, or a discharged bankrupt car loan.