What is a car loan with no credit history?

A car loan with no credit history is when you wish to apply for a car loan, however you have no past credit history ie: you have never had any form of credit in the past, like a credit card, or a personal loan or the like.

When this happens, car loan lenders can get a little nervous as they have no real way to gauge how you will go as a customer trying to repay the car loan, if approved.

It is by no means impossible to get a car loan with no to little credit history, but you want to present your car loan application in the best way you can.


Putting in a deposit for the car loan will help, as will if you are renting through a real estate agent, some lenders consider this to be a form of credit, and will give you bonus points towards a car loan approval.

We can help people who have little or no credit history, you have to start somewhere and we can help, you just need to be stable in your employment and stable in your residency.