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  • Late Payments On Credit Cards, Bills, Debts?

  • Behind On Your Mortgage?

  • Looking To Refinance Your Home Loan To Consolidate Debts & Bills

  • Past Credit Issues?

  • Short Term Employment?

  • Need Cash Out From Your Home Equity For Business Or Personal Use?

We approve bad credit home loan purchases, bad credit home loan refinance and debt consolidation home loans

  • Individual, self employed, company and trust borrower types

  • Short term employment or short term ABN accepted

  • Past credit issues accepted

If you have past credit issues we may be able to approve you for a home loan refinance, debt consolidation home loan or even a self employed low doc home loan Australia wide

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We contact you, get a true understanding of your home loan requirements and objectives and make sure we can help 

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We gather your supporting documents, review and submit your home loan application for formal approval with our credit department

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Are you looking for a home loan refinance with debt consolidation options?

By using your home equity to consolidate your higher interest rate loans, credit card balances, credit defaults or other bills, you may end up with an overall lower repayment over the entire debt, through a refinance debt consolidation home loan.

There are many various home loan debt consolidation options available, so do not despair, no matter what your current home loan and debt consolidation situation, we will do our best to get your home loan approved. Learn more about our bad credit home loan types.


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Anyone who needs to quickly refinance home loan and consolidate debts, try these people, you will not be disappointed.

N Kretchmer.

We are happy to have used your services for our home loan refinance, great rate and got rid of a few debts too, thank you,

J and D Mortimer.

Who would have known we could actually get some help, we were in some deep financial trouble with our missed mortgage payments, bills everywhere, partner lost work for a while, and now we have our debts all as one and our life is so much better thanks to 1800 BAD CREDIT,

S and D Shaw.