Home Loan Arrears & Mortgage Arrears 

If you get behind on your mortgage repayments and/or home loan arrears, and unpaid debts, bills, credit cards and loans, it can be really stressful.

We understand.

Generally the major banks won't help when you get behind on your mortgage or start getting into home loan arrears. 

Our aim is to do the following:

a) keep your house well away from bank foreclosure or repossession

b) we repay and consolidate your current mortgage arrears and home loan arrears and any other debts you may have.

c) provide you with an ongoing home loan solution for your mortgage repayments.   

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Latest Customer Feedback

Thank you so much Matt, as you know we were in considerable mortgage arrears on our home loan, you managed to negotiate time with them, and get us back on track and all done with total empathy and understanding the whole time, you really are great at what you do and can not recommend 1800 BAD CREDIT highly enough.

P and S Newman. 

If you are in stress due to mortgage arrears and need some third party help to get you sorted out, use these guys, fair dinkum they helped me,

A Mason.

I'm actually crying writing this testimonial to you Matt, you saved our house, our family home, what can I say to someone who did this for us, a few months with hubby not working is all it took to get us into home loan arrears, it can happen to anyone as you kept saying, you treated us with dignity, we will hopefully never use your service again for arrears, but will only use you from now on for any of our financial requirements, you are amazing,

F and B Armstrong. 

Well done to you for helping me save my house from the banks.

L Golding.

We were in arrears on our home loan as my partner lost his job and it was a very stressful time. Peter from 1800 bad credit really took the time to understand our situation and we are so grateful with our refinance solution.

L and B Harding



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We specialise in helping people in home loan arrears, so please don't feel afraid to ask for our help if you are behind in mortgage repayments or need to refinance home loan arrears anywhere in Australia.  

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