Second Chance Car Loans From $59wk

Are you looking to get your car loan approved but have a less than perfect credit history?

Do you qualify for a car loan?

  • Must be employed or self employed
  • Must earn minimum $600wk
  • Must have 2 defaults or less
  • Must have clean bank statements (no missed payments to current lenders)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my car loan application secure online?

Yes, your car loan application is secure and also confidential.

How much can I borrow? How much will my bad credit car loan be approved for?

Your car loan application and car loan approval amount is based upon a number of factors, such as your current salary, your employment history, your credit rating, your past loan history, and other factors such as any past bankruptcy.  

How much deposit will I need if I am approved for a bad credit car loan?

95% of the time we can offer a no deposit car loan option.

Does my car trade in count as a deposit?

Yes, your car trade in will count towards your deposit.

What if I do have bad credit, can you help?

We try our very best to get you a car loan approval, even with a past credit issue.

Generally speaking, if you are an ex bankrupt, ex part 9 or have 3 or less credit defaults, we should be able to help you with a bad credit car loan approval.

The main issues are “current bankrupt” or payday loan defaults that have not been paid.

Also if you have repeated overdrawn on your bank statements, or missed repayments to your current lenders, this can sometimes stop you from getting a bad credit car loan.

Lastly, if you have a number of payday (small loans) this can stop you from getting approved for a car.

Can I use a guarantor?

Yes you can, but they must be able to show a benefit in going guarantor ie: use of the car.

What will my car loan approved amount and car loan repayment amount be?

That depends upon our credit assessment, the end amount you are approved for and what category you fall into.

When we approve you, we will give you a maximum loan amount and tell you your repayment amount per week, fortnight or month.

We base your car loan amount on what you can afford without any hardship.

What will my interest rate be?

That depends upon your overall credit assessment.

Customers with long term employment, stable residence, and say a small default will generally get a better rate than someone that is employed on a casual basis, always moving house with 2 or 3 defaults.

I've never had a car loan or car finance. Can you help me get an approved car loan?

Yes we can. First time car loans are always welcome. We can help get you approved for a bad credit car loan.

I am undergoing bankruptcy. Can I qualify for car loan? 

If you are an ex bankrupt or discharged bankrupt, then yes we can help, if you are a current bankrupt, then unfortunately no.





Recent Customer Feedback

We would just like to thank Matt and his team what a wonderful company, we had a couple of major credit issues, they not only got us a car, but also helped us to start paying off our debts, thank you, 


Can not believe I got approved with 6 children but I did, and now have my Tarago, thanks Bruce and Matt, 


Thank you Matt for getting us approved for a car loan, great service. 

B. Mennies

If you need car finance and have a credit default, then contact these guys, they can help, they helped me get a car. 

N. Sumner

Hi 1800 bad credit, we appreciate you giving a couple of old people with a past default enough to get a small car, 

J and R.Willmott

I was approved the same day for a car and thought my 2 defaults could be a problem, but was approved and happy, 

M Dunn

Great service thank you,

B Cavanagh

Got my car, wanted $10,000 but $8500 was close and ended up getting a different car, I recommend this loan service,

L and J Miller  

Others said no way and you helped me get approved for a car even with a $2500 credit card default, banks said no, you said yes so thank you,

W Collins


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Can I finance a car through a private seller?

Yes you can. If the car you wish to buy is a private sale, we can get your car finance approved for a private sale.

How long after submitting my car finance application will I know if I am approved?

In most cases we will have an answer within 24 hours of receiving your car loan application.