About Us

We were started by a group of past award winning experts in the bad credit car finance, bad credit car loan, bad credit car lease and bad credit home loan finance market.

We have been finalists in the Australian Mortgage Awards

Our vision is to create a simple, user friendly web portal for those customers who do not quite fit within the traditional banks set loan criteria, generally due to a past or current credit default.

We provide a bad credit car finance and bad credit home loan service based on the good old days, when everyone was treated with respect when it came to their credit and loan requirements, rather than being declined due to some rather minor credit impairment.

We like to look at each loan customer on a case by case basis for approval individually, and at the same time provide a nice easy to use website, good information, and the best bad credit advice to get our customers approved, and into a car loan or home loan refinance as soon as possible.


We help good people with bad credit, get approved for a car loan or home loan.