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  • Past Credit Issues? Mortgage Arrears? Late Repayments? ATO Debts?

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Latest Customer Feedback

Well done to you for helping me out. As a self employed bricklayer, I thought being behind in mortgage repayments would screw me, but I got my low doc refinance approved, wow. 

Peter K.

Matt really helped us a lot with our house refinance, we had several debts, major credit card bills, and school fees, we consolidated debts and we are able to breathe again. 

Mary and David T.

If you need to refinance and have debt then use 1800 bad credit, they will help you consolidate all your debts into one, we were in trouble financially but they saved us.

B and M Peterson.

More Customers

Wow is all I can say, amazing help. such good advice and really care about what you do which shines through, thank you,

Elizabeth M.

Had all my debts and loans consolidated and couldn’t be happier, even got some cash out for a holiday and new car. I had several defaults but still got approved and at a low interest rate.

K Gregson.

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