Latest Testimonials

Hi Team

Quick note to say thanks for helping me get a car while going through my divorce, and of course my bad credit situation.

Joanne P.

Hi guys

Chris you are so good at your job, you treated me with respect in my difficult situation with prior credit issues, and even helped me choose the car, not that is service.

Chantelle and Martin

Howdy 1800 Bad Credit

My new car was delivered today and i'm so happy with it. Thank you David for the help with choosing the car and getting the delivery organised, it is a great car and i'm glad I used you to organised my car finance  

Peter B.

Dear Chris

Just a quick note to say well done on getting me approved for a car loan when the dealer said due to my credit default I had no chance, you said he was incorrect, and right you were, cheers!

Mason D.

Hi Matt

We wish you every success in your car loan business, the way you went over and beyond to help us shows us you will be around for a long time in car finance, you did provide us with good old fashion service as you say, thank you we will use you again next time we need a car.

Glenn and Joanne L.

A quick not to say thanks to you Chris for helping us refinance the house and purchase the investment property, without you we would never have got through it, thanks again your service is magnificent.

Peter J.


I really wanted to just say that I was very impressed with your car loan service, especially given my bank said no, so thank you very much for getting me into my car.

Megan R.

Our home loan refinance was daunting for us as we had so much debt, but we were approved and had all our debts put into one.

D Smith and B Thompson


Hi Matt

Just a quick email thanking you and your team for making the process of gaining car finance an enjoyable one.

Also we are really happy with the vehicle your car broker sourced for us. Look forward to dealing with you guys next year when we apply for our home loan.

Kind Regards

J Knight

Hi Team

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for helping us to refinance our home.

We did have a lot of debts which we consolidated and are now $200 month better off, thank you team and special mention to Rick, he is great for your company, thanks.

R and B Scanlan

Hi Chris

Thank you for following up on my settlement with the dealership. All is good picked up the car from the dealer today after work.

Thank you for your professionalism.



Dear 1800 Bad Credit

I love the new car and a car loan rate of 10.99%p.a, when I was a bankrupt in the past was great, appreciate all of your help and will definitely be referring my friends to you.


Maria and Trev

My note as a kind thank you to Robert who helped my family refinance the home with terrific guidance and respect for Robert in the head office.

Kind Wishes

D Stewart and family

To bad credit

Thanks for getting me the car, I had a default and the bank said get stuffed, but you guys did it for me anyway, wow you are great fellas. Love me car, Mrs loves it too.

cheers Al

Dear 1800 Bad Credit

My credit defaults were not my fault, and you put that to one side and got me the car loan I needed at a decent rate to get my Commodore, and the service you provided me was great.

Steve A. 

What an great job you did for us to get our debts sorted, thank you and sorry we had to be such pains, but we are happy with the debt consolidation outcome and highly recommend you.

Nelson L.