Debt Consolidation Home Loans USING YOUR HOME EQUITy

Bank says NO, we say YES!

We help borrowers that need to consolidate their debt into their current home loan:

  • Lower overall repayments

  • Consolidate debts into 1

  • Negotiate and settle unpaid debts

  • Refinance and consolidate cards

  • Get cash out from home equity

We can also help with:

  • Personal loans and/or credit card debt

  • Car loans and/or other secured debts

  • Mortgage arrears and/or late repayments

  • Credit defaults and/or court judgments

As a homeowner, you do have home loan refinance options available, to allow you to consolidate your current debts into a home loan through a bad credit home loan debt consolidation refinance.

By using your home equity to consolidate your higher interest rate loans, credit card balances, credit defaults or other bills, you may end up with an overall lower repayment over the entire debt, through a refinance debt consolidation home loan.

There are many various home loan debt consolidation options available, so do not despair, no matter what your current home loan and debt consolidation situation, we will do our best to get your home loan approved.   




Latest Feedback

Anyone who needs to quickly refinance home loan and consolidate debts, try these people, you will not be disappointed.

N Kretchmer.

Matt, thanking you so much, great respect to you and your great refinance home services, you were a great guide and basically got us out of some real financial mess,

L and W McBride.

I was doubtful we could get financial help, but we did and it’s thanks so much Matt at this company, we are now back on track.

E Wilson

We are happy to have used your services for our home loan refinance, great rate and got rid of a few debts too, thank you,

J and D Mortimer.

Who would have known we could actually get some help, we were in some deep financial trouble with our missed mortgage payments, bills everywhere, partner lost work for a while, and now we have our debts all as one and our life is so much better thanks to 1800 BAD CREDIT,

S and D Shaw.


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