Low Doc Home Loan

A low doc home loan is geared towards self employed borrowers who may not have completed their current small business financials.

You will instead provide limited financial documents, however, enough for a non bank lender to make a decision on your suitability for a low doc home loan.

Low doc home loans are generally speaking for the self employed applicant who has not completed their most recent tax returns. Instead the applicant will be asked to provide such financial documents as BAS statements, and/or trading statements on their business, and/or projected income statements verified by their accountant.  



If you require a low doc home loan, you will generally require to have at least a 15% deposit, or if refinancing a home loan, at least 20% equity in your current property.   

Occasionally we can get a client a low doc home loan above 80% LVR (loan to value ratio), however this is never such an easy task, especially when one also has some form of credit issue that needs to be considered.