Home Loans With A Past Credit Default

There are a lot of customers who come to us who may have a past or current credit default, and have been recently knocked back by their local bank.  

Having a credit default or credit issues does not mean you can't get a bad credit home loan or a home loan with a default.

Although you may pay a slightly higher interest rate for a bad credit home loan, if you can hang in there and pay the higher rate for say 12-24 months, then you may be able to slip back into a normal bank home loan rate, once your credit default has been either paid in full or drops off your credit file.


Having a credit default will not necessarily stop you from getting a home loan with a default loan. Even though you may have a credit default, many options are still available for a home loan, whether it be a refinance home loan or a purchase home loan.

Many clients come to us that have a current mortgage, and have a credit default, or two or three, and believe us it does not restrict you from getting a bad credit home loan even with credit default.

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